All the casino games played in the brick and mortar casino houses have been incorporated in the online casino web sites. The casino games are broadly divided into two categories namely table games and non-table games. The table games are those in which the players sit around a table and take part in the gambling by wagering. The table games have some social aspects and the players can interact and seethe reactions of the other players. But in the online version of the game this physical presence along with the other players is absent. Many hard core casino players condemn the online games of casino as it has lost the sociable character of the table games. Such players even continue playing their favorite games in the brick and mortar casino houses even after the onslaught of the online casino web sites.


Roulette table game


Roulette is the most famous among the table games of the casino web sites. In this game there is roulette wheel which can rotate on its axis. This wheel has been popularized among the people of the world by the Hollywood James Bond movies. It is depicted in many films centering round crime showing the casino houses as the breeding ground of criminal activities which is partially true. As a matter of fact wherever huge money gets involved the frauds and thieves assemble there for grabbing a portion of the winnings. However to get back to our topic of roulette wheel, the wheel is set into motion by the master player. On the center of the wheel there are a number of pockets which are colored. At the periphery of the roulette wheel a number of red and white balls are placed. When the rotation is imparted to the roulette wheel the balls starts rolling along the periphery of the roulette wheel. Gradually the speed of rotation of the wheel decreases and finally it stops its rotation. The balls which were rolling along the periphery of the roulette wheel starts coming to the center and settles in the pockets. The wagering is done the pockets as well on the balls. There can be different combinations in the wagering which the players declare by shouting. In the online mode this is done by the use of the mouse. In order to get the feeling of social aspects chat rooms have been opened in the web sites through which the players can communicate with each other in online casino games.

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