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to take players into 2015 with some of the best offers ever. The table includes sites that have met the Squads strict guidelines and requirements including brands with an awesome pocket potential. The term “Pocket Potential” is used by bonus analysts at Slotsquad to work out the best rates when it comes to welcome bonuses. It takes a team of three personnel around several hours to confirm the actual bonus amount. “It’s important to recognise that there’s always another value than the one you see,” said James one of the sites main editors.


Real money players can now use the Slotsquad casino bonus table to see which offers best suit their needs. Constructed using the latest browser format and HTML-5 technology, the Squad conceals values from web crawlers to leave bonus information hidden for the user. All you need to do is hover your cursor over one of the brands, and that particular casinos welcome bonus will be revealed. You can then either visit the casino, read the in-depth review or choose an alternative games website to meet your preference. Whilst these are considered the best bonuses going into 2015, Slotsquads emphasis will be to build this table and eventually incorporate mobile packages as well.


The best slot bonuses at are ranked in terms of true value, selected on pure merit and delivered in rapid fashion. If you’re looking for the top rated welcome bonuses, we believe the Squad has already found them. It’s going to be interesting to see what next year brings for real money casino players, but more so how Slotsquad plans to bring them in first.


Gamble is no longer a risk to face other gamblers round the table and end in any kind of dispute. Online casinos have been quite a conversation topic these days. The internet has connected people and has facilitated people with various kinds of activities from payment of bills to shopping to getting in touch with long lost school buddies! So why not gambling? Why not casinos?

Why not the fascinating and interesting game like pokers, blackjacks, roulettes, live casinos and more that has been played at luxurious casinos for many years now! With casinos being played via the internet, you no longer need to run to casinos! Virtual casinos are easy to learn as well if you spend a few hours every day to learn the tricks and techniques!

The features of online gambling are as follows:-

  • Bonus points– this is an interesting feature. This one grabs eyeballs and makes you want play more!
  • Graphics- a good site with keep on providing you with new and latest graphics and keep on updating the site with latest technological help.
  • No deposit bonus- the most attractive kind of bonus in online casinos is a deposit bonus where you don’t need to deposit anything to win; this is mainly a business trick to attract more customers.
  • The variation of the games- a variety of games like slots, roulettes, poker, blackjack, craps, bingo, etc.
  • The flexibility- you can play casino online at any time and at any point.
  • Free casino games no download you don’t need to download the games. You can play them for free sometimes as well.
  • Beginners are allowed free games as well.
  • Get help & tips from expert.
  • Jackpots are huge and tempting!

Flowers, it is the best 5 reel and an exciting 30 payline casino game – video slot. This pokie game is unique and comes with attractive graphics and playful flowers theme with double symbols.

The game features a stacked wild, scatter wild, free spin bonus round, double symbols and more.

Players can get maximum payout of 5,000 credits per line by playing regular Flowers multiline slot casino games.

The best and the unique feature in Flowers slot casino games is Double Symbol.The symbols are scattered by Cloud Free Spin, and Flowers can be either single symbols or double symbols. The double symbols are counted as two single symbols. In total, the winning bet line has 3 to 4 symbols with double symbols.

Sun Symbol, it is a wild symbol. The perfect winning combinations are created by enabling multiple sun wild symbols on payline, as revealed in regular payout schedule. It is not a substitute for Cloud Free Spin Symbols, Double Symbols or to activate free spins.

While playing Free Spin Bonus Round game, it is possible to show up to 3 Sun Wild Symbols on the reel simultaneously, creating a stack of Sun Wild Symbols.

Players can increase their winning chances in this pokie game with Sun Staked Wild symbols by substituting for other symbols to bring winning combinations to an end.

Cloud Free Spin Symbol, it is a scatter symbol, and this can be scattered anywhere on reels to complete winning combinations. Players can comfortably play this Flowers Pokie game from their home.

All the casino games played in the brick and mortar casino houses have been incorporated in the online casino web sites. The casino games are broadly divided into two categories namely table games and non-table games. The table games are those in which the players sit around a table and take part in the gambling by wagering. The table games have some social aspects and the players can interact and seethe reactions of the other players. But in the online version of the game this physical presence along with the other players is absent. Many hard core casino players condemn the online games of casino as it has lost the sociable character of the table games. Such players even continue playing their favorite games in the brick and mortar casino houses even after the onslaught of the online casino web sites.


Roulette table game


Roulette is the most famous among the table games of the casino web sites. In this game there is roulette wheel which can rotate on its axis. This wheel has been popularized among the people of the world by the Hollywood James Bond movies. It is depicted in many films centering round crime showing the casino houses as the breeding ground of criminal activities which is partially true. As a matter of fact wherever huge money gets involved the frauds and thieves assemble there for grabbing a portion of the winnings. However to get back to our topic of roulette wheel, the wheel is set into motion by the master player. On the center of the wheel there are a number of pockets which are colored. At the periphery of the roulette wheel a number of red and white balls are placed. When the rotation is imparted to the roulette wheel the balls starts rolling along the periphery of the roulette wheel. Gradually the speed of rotation of the wheel decreases and finally it stops its rotation. The balls which were rolling along the periphery of the roulette wheel starts coming to the center and settles in the pockets. The wagering is done the pockets as well on the balls. There can be different combinations in the wagering which the players declare by shouting. In the online mode this is done by the use of the mouse. In order to get the feeling of social aspects chat rooms have been opened in the web sites through which the players can communicate with each other in online casino games.

The online bingó játékok sites have taken the people of the world on its ride and millions of people all over the world are now playing the games of bingo in these sites regularly. The multifaceted advantages of the online mode of playing the bingo are now understood by the players who for some times were bogged down due to negative criticisms of online bingo.

In today’s hectic schedule of jobs and the requirement of spending many hours to cater to the employers’ needs most people do not find any time to go to the bingo halls. For them getting to play the interesting game sitting right at home is a boon in disguise. This play is particularly popular among the female and in fact they are the predominant players in the bingo playing community all over the world. The reasons for this may be its simplicity and sociable features.


In the online versions of the traditional bingo games which were played in the bingo halls many unique features have been incorporated which have made the online sites very attractive as well as sociable for the players. Chat room is an unique feature which has made it possible for the players to get in touch with the world audience. Provisions are also given to talk and make a group of friends of your same age group. Many a times it was found in the traditional halls that the young people used to face embarrassment due to the presence of the elderly people in the bingo halls. The youth due to exciting presence of youthful adventure in them often would like to make friends with opposite sex and indulge in activities which make the elderly extra sensitive. But in the case of bingó játékok sites this problem is totally eliminated.


In the online sites there are provisions for you to learn various games for free till you develop sufficient expertise in the games and desire to play on wagering. But while choosing the sites you have to be careful else you may land into some unworthy site and ruin your playing experiences.

The best thing that any gambling enthusiast can do is to be very good at what he does. The main reason behind that is the only thing that may have been stopping the not so very good players to take part of professional gambling matches. The calculation, the mathematics behind each spin of the cube, the show of the card as well as the number calling in bingo, as well as the table number plays a big role in the way a gambler has his luck on the stake he has put up today to play for. The best thing that the above point drives home is the the thing that luck may have been playing a very important role, but it is certainly not the only thing needed to win tables after tables.

The importance of luck in a gamblers career

On land based casinos things like this may be of much importance, but on the online casino gambling joints, the playing gets much easy as the professional players do not have the world watching them calculate their moves and making and going hoarse over it. In the quietness of home, a gambler can sit and gamble the entire fortune, or make an entire fortune out of playing online casino. It is the most popular of adhering to the Win a day casino. As one has to incur no extra cost of food or lounging, that money is also put into stakes, making the online world see higher amount of stakes, than the land based ones.

Why the popularity of online casinos rose

As the land based casinos are always housed in hotels or big resorts, it is essential to be spending on waiter tips, on table masters and as well as on drinks and snacks. Those kind of things when not insight, provide for a free mind with the best ability to play the game. Also, the online presence of players from all over the world, as on High roller casino bonuses excites the gambler in the enthusiast. The best way to find a way to express is through playing online on big casino tournaments and availing the many honors the online world has bestow on the one being profane.

Every now and then a colossal casino game emerges so powerful that the gaming industry is literally forced to its knees to worship the reels it spins upon; the Avalon 2 slot is one of them. Developed by microgaming and boasting some 243 ways to win along with a staggering 8 bonus features, Avalon’s second crack of the whip is stunning. Based upon the legend of King Arthur and his quest for the grail, the game uses the story like never before to forge one of the best real money slots the market has possibly seen. Yet what’s more surprising is the popularity and hunger this game has spawned. There isn’t a reputable brand name that doesn’t want this slot, there isn’t a player who doesn’t want to spin it and there isn’t another developer that’s not brewing with envy. This is after all one of the webs most sort after casino games.


The bonuses and deals related to Avalon II throughout the casino world are exploding, so much so that the team at are now tracking some of the industries most popular casinos for a sign of further real money potential. Whether it’s free spins on Avalon 2 or a £5000 race to land the games first 5 wild series, it seems everyone’s offering something to get players involved with the Avalon two slots at their casinos. Microgamings decision to build the game with a 7500 coin jackpot has also been an incentive to get people on King Arthur’s side, grail or no grail, there is certainly something to look for here. The fact that 87% of independent review sites have already featured this listing is another shock to the market, never before has an online slot machine spread so fast throughout cyberspace. Perhaps the mystical Merlin that has cast a spell upon spinners from Las Vegas to Camelot, or just maybe it’s the £121,500 that players could win from just one spin when they play at £7.50 a throw. It’s astonishing.


As game developers strive to create the ultimate slot in the coming months, 2014 will no doubt see a design war that will front some of the most exciting products ever created. For microgaming, Avalon II will put them back on the high ground. For the players we can expect an aftermath of bonuses and packages tailor made around the slots as apposed to the casinos themselves. This could mean lots of more free spins, elevated deposit deals and exclusive trials along with demos for higher tier members. Best you find a good quality site to wait this one out, and one that will fight to obtain these fantastic new products.


The Avalon II slot review at covertcasino was one of the first online descriptions of microgamings fantasy epic which includes some of the best venues to play the game. Not only have team covert stripped the game of its teeth and nails, but they’ve assured players of this quality product by complete critical perception. They are a team of some of the best slots enthusiasts on the planet and acquire only those games that will stand the test of time. Avalon 2 is here to stay, let’s just hope the bonuses and freebies suddenly surrounding it are also here for the long term. The quest for the grail is far from legend; it’s a very real money possibility.

Verne Troyer, who is better known as Dr Evil’s side kick, Mini-Me, in the popular Austin Powers movies, has recently signed a deal with which will see him become the new ambassador for their brand.


Original source for article: Verne Troyer Stars in BGO’s New Advertising Campaign


They started a television advertising campaign in early February 2014, which depicts Troyer as an evil casino owner, not that dissimilar to his role in Austin Powers…


Troyer is cast as the ‘Boss’ who cannot stand the sight of players winning his money.  ‘The Boss’ is initially seen overlooking the casino’s cameras, before rigging the roulette wheel and a slot game to stop players from winning.  However, his efforts are completely in vein as he watches the players win big cash prizes.  He rounds off the advert with a simple message: “I’m the boss of, come and beat me!”.  Verne Troyer said the following about the deal:


“I knew right away this was a role I could get my teeth into. I’ve always been competitive, and my casino boss will stop at nothing to win!  My message to gaming fans is come and take me on if you dare – I’m the casino boss and I hate to lose.  Here at we play for BIG prizes. The Boss’s progressive jackpot pays out multi-million Pound prizes – but you gotta beat me first!”


The aim of the campaign is to increase the brand awareness of the online casino brand.  The site hosts a broad range of different games, offering something for everyone.  There are slots, table games and bingo on offer, as well as much more.

Playing casino has become far more interesting and safer now. Unlike playing in real casino bars, life has become much simpler in case of playing these games online. With those online Swedish Casino Sites available today, real-time casino playing has been brought to our homes. They are very much easy with complete tutorials always available to you and are also very safe and easy to use platform. The popularity of playing gambling games online is increasing day by day. Because of easy access and convenient play features, not only professional players are able to utilize but also every person who has online availability is able to play free casino games. There are various games you can play in Casino Sites:


Slots: Slot Machines have been widely becoming popular because of simpler playing style. Without any knowledge of gambling games or much inscribed rules required to play casino games, slot machines provide simpler game style and allows anyone with a small bet.


Video Poker: Poker is a card game of individual play involves betting and huge experience to handle other contenders. The winner in the game is determined by achieving ranks and combinations of cards with the players. Online sites provide in built dealer who play at random state. The player plays against the machine and will have to achieve best hand put together with the random dealer with the cards you have dealt.


Blackjack: This is another card game with goal of achieving the total of 21 with your cards or close to them. This game is also player against the dealer. If the contender’s total count of cards exceeds 21, he will discontinued.


Swedish Casino Sites:

Are these casino sidor Swedish or the person who started these Swedish? It is because gaming companies provide them with money. It is not always true as to why these names are put in the manner. These casinos are reputable. It might be that casinos handle out free spins might not authorize bonus wins withdrawals.

Effective promotion is the key to success in the gambling business.  To ensure that you get higher traffic on to your site and avail better page ranking you need to promote your gambling site through a powerful link index.  Basically your aim must be to get genuine quality links to your gambling site, so that the visibility of our site improves thereby resulting in more traffic to your site.

So, where to buy gambling links. It is very difficult to build links for your site manually. Hence you need to find web masters of gambling links. They undertake recourse and review and adopt appropriate methods to build a powerful link base.

However you need to be very selective while buying gambling links, and go to the webmasters which are earmarked for casinos. It is very important for us to have a cautious approach buying the gambling links. Go for a reputable casino or gambling agency to be safe from disappointments in the future.

Gambling industry today is very competitive, and SEO in this industry is really effective. You need to make sure that you choose an SEO link building company that is not violating any Google guidelines and works purely in white hat mode.  These companies might not fetch you ranks instantly but they are the best in the long term.

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