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to take players into 2015 with some of the best offers ever. The table includes sites that have met the Squads strict guidelines and requirements including brands with an awesome pocket potential. The term “Pocket Potential” is used by bonus analysts at Slotsquad to work out the best rates when it comes to welcome bonuses. It takes a team of three personnel around several hours to confirm the actual bonus amount. “It’s important to recognise that there’s always another value than the one you see,” said James one of the sites main editors.


Real money players can now use the Slotsquad casino bonus table to see which offers best suit their needs. Constructed using the latest browser format and HTML-5 technology, the Squad conceals values from web crawlers to leave bonus information hidden for the user. All you need to do is hover your cursor over one of the brands, and that particular casinos welcome bonus will be revealed. You can then either visit the casino, read the in-depth review or choose an alternative games website to meet your preference. Whilst these are considered the best bonuses going into 2015, Slotsquads emphasis will be to build this table and eventually incorporate mobile packages as well.


The best slot bonuses at are ranked in terms of true value, selected on pure merit and delivered in rapid fashion. If you’re looking for the top rated welcome bonuses, we believe the Squad has already found them. It’s going to be interesting to see what next year brings for real money casino players, but more so how Slotsquad plans to bring them in first.


Gamble is no longer a risk to face other gamblers round the table and end in any kind of dispute. Online casinos have been quite a conversation topic these days. The internet has connected people and has facilitated people with various kinds of activities from payment of bills to shopping to getting in touch with long lost school buddies! So why not gambling? Why not casinos?

Why not the fascinating and interesting game like pokers, blackjacks, roulettes, live casinos and more that has been played at luxurious casinos for many years now! With casinos being played via the internet, you no longer need to run to casinos! Virtual casinos are easy to learn as well if you spend a few hours every day to learn the tricks and techniques!

The features of online gambling are as follows:-

  • Bonus points– this is an interesting feature. This one grabs eyeballs and makes you want play more!
  • Graphics- a good site with keep on providing you with new and latest graphics and keep on updating the site with latest technological help.
  • No deposit bonus- the most attractive kind of bonus in online casinos is a deposit bonus where you don’t need to deposit anything to win; this is mainly a business trick to attract more customers.
  • The variation of the games- a variety of games like slots, roulettes, poker, blackjack, craps, bingo, etc.
  • The flexibility- you can play casino online at any time and at any point.
  • Free casino games no download you don’t need to download the games. You can play them for free sometimes as well.
  • Beginners are allowed free games as well.
  • Get help & tips from expert.
  • Jackpots are huge and tempting!