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Verne Troyer, who is better known as Dr Evil’s side kick, Mini-Me, in the popular Austin Powers movies, has recently signed a deal with which will see him become the new ambassador for their brand.


Original source for article: Verne Troyer Stars in BGO’s New Advertising Campaign


They started a television advertising campaign in early February 2014, which depicts Troyer as an evil casino owner, not that dissimilar to his role in Austin Powers…


Troyer is cast as the ‘Boss’ who cannot stand the sight of players winning his money.  ‘The Boss’ is initially seen overlooking the casino’s cameras, before rigging the roulette wheel and a slot game to stop players from winning.  However, his efforts are completely in vein as he watches the players win big cash prizes.  He rounds off the advert with a simple message: “I’m the boss of, come and beat me!”.  Verne Troyer said the following about the deal:


“I knew right away this was a role I could get my teeth into. I’ve always been competitive, and my casino boss will stop at nothing to win!  My message to gaming fans is come and take me on if you dare – I’m the casino boss and I hate to lose.  Here at we play for BIG prizes. The Boss’s progressive jackpot pays out multi-million Pound prizes – but you gotta beat me first!”


The aim of the campaign is to increase the brand awareness of the online casino brand.  The site hosts a broad range of different games, offering something for everyone.  There are slots, table games and bingo on offer, as well as much more.